The Carroll Gardens Farmers Market Arrives…Finally!


When Jim and I left our apartment at 9:15 on Sunday morning and strolled over to Carroll Street between Court and Smith, the neighborhood was empty and silent.

Initially this might not seem odd, as 9:15 is pretty early for weekend social activities. But the situation didn’t change much all day. When I went to the laundromat around 1:30 pm, I actually had my pick of the washing machines. No fighting for space, no waiting for dryers. The next best thing to leaving the city for vacation is staying in the city while everyone else is away on vacation. The sidewalks are less crowded; we can all walk a little slower. And I can do my laundry whenever I want.

But back to our morning meander on Carroll Street. All of the vacationing residents missed a truly exciting event: the arrival of the Carroll Gardens Farmers Market. From now through November, our neighborhood will finally host its own small market every Sunday, featuring produce from local farms. Between this and the CSA, my vegetable-and-fruit-related needs will be completely taken care of through the fall.

The market barely stretched a half-block, but the few stands present offered almost everything we needed. We picked up a container of fresh Hodgson’s Farm blueberries and some breakfast pastries from Bread Alone. Hodgson’s Farm also had a colorful plethora of plants for sale, which inevitably left me hungering for a garden of my own.

Our last stand-stop of the morning was at W. Rogowski Farm, where we were impressed with their abundant selection of greens. In addition to investing in our weekly purchase of arugula, we were curious about a purple-hued bunch of leaves called amaranth. Its color was so unusual that I had to buy it. Based on the advice of the kind man running the stand, I am planning to mix it in with the spinach we received from the CSA this week. He also said that we could fry up the plant’s flowers in breadcrumbs; could this perhaps turn into another panko-related project?

I had to restrain myself from scooping up the beautiful swiss chard, collard greens, beets, and purple basil also on display. There are only so many days in a week. And what in the world is salt wort?

It would be nice to add a cheese vendor, or fish and meat vendors to the mix, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings. For now, the market is off to a promising start. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Carroll Gardens Farmers Market, located on Carroll Street between Smith and Court. It will run on Sundays from now through November.

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    artichokeheart said,

    Just a quick update: When I went to the market this morning, I noticed 3 new stands. One was selling cherries from the Finger Lakes, another was offering organic eggs, and the third was selling different types of zucchini. Very exciting. I am guessing things will continue to develop thorughout the summer….

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