Kitchen Gadgets: Brown Sugar Saver

Brown Sugar SaverTell me if this sounds familiar: You have a free afternoon in front of you. Maybe it’s cold and rainy outside, maybe not. In any case, you have decided to spend the afternoon in the kitchen, making a pie or some cookies from scratch. You think to yourself, “What a relaxing and productive way to spend the afternoon!”

All of the ingredients are ready to go. Until, that is, you reach for the box of brown sugar, and notice that the crystallized granules have hardened into a solid rectangular mass.

A gentle knock of the box against the counter doesn’t seem to help. One more time? Bang! Nope, nothing.

You reach for the rolling pin and hit it against the sugar brick a few times. When that fails, you pull out the mortar and pestle and try to grind some sugar off the block (yes, a mortar and pestle does come in handy sometimes). You start to wonder why the hell you ever wanted to cook anything today. Out comes the metal hammer. OK, now you know you’ve lost it. The sugar has won.

I have enacted this scene more often than I can count. (Should I be telling anyone this?) But now I am hoping to leave it behind with the help of the Brown Sugar Saver we bought at Sur La Table the last time we were in Pittsburgh. Made by JBK Pottery in Canada, these ceramic disks come in a variety of designs, such as hummingbirds and maple leaves. Ours is a cheerful sun. Supposedly the Brown Sugar Saver keeps all sorts of foods from drying out (dried fruits, cakes, marshmallows, popcorn kernels) and can even soften already-hardened sugar.

It’s hard to believe that a small ceramic tile will keep our brown sugar from hardening, but after reading some reviews, I am feeling hopeful. Last night we followed the instructions and soaked the disk in water for 15 minutes. Then we added it to our jar of brown sugar. The instructions state that the Brown Sugar Saver needs to be re-soaked after three months. By writing this post, at least I’ll remember how long it has been since we placed it in the sugar jar!

Does anyone else have experience with this simple kitchen product?

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  1. 1

    JKenny said,

    I don’t have experience with such tiles, but am curious for your evaluation. Living in a place with no humidity and with no microwave to be able to try that trick, boxes of brown sugar have more or less become single serving packets.

  2. 2

    DKH said,

    Mine has an owl!

  3. 3

    Cindy Hall said,


    How lovely you wrote this!

    We’re the manufacturers of the above mentioned Brown Sugar Saver, and we loved these comments!

    I have found personally that if I have a larger container of brown sugar, that it works even better with two! And sometimes, it might be better, also, if you re-soak after 2 months, depending on how dry your climate is!

    The best part is you don’t have to use a piece of bread or apple which becomes somewhat disgusting after awhile! :o)

    In days long ago, when I felt it was time to bake some cookies, it would annoy me no end to find rock hard brown sugar! That’s why we all enjoy these, too!

    Thank you so much!

    Cindy Hall

  4. 4

    Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. 5

    Cindy H said,

    I couldn’t figure out why you felt the need to disagree, but then I googled “idetrorce” and found out you disagreed with a lot of posters on that day and other days….I guess you’re just lonely…


  6. 6

    Anne said,

    These work great! I love mine.

  7. 7

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    Kitchen Gadgets: Brown Sugar Saver | Artichoke Heart

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