Happy Anniversary to the Choke

Jim mixing dough for the pasta 

Today is the first anniversary of Artichoke Heart! That’s right, one year ago today I blogged about making pasta for the first time. This awkward entry was soon followed by writings related to pizzelle and bread baking, trips to Paris, Italy, Singapore, and California, and exercises in book reading, restaurant reviewing, and Jamie Oliver worshipping.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this past year as much as I have. I started this blog looking for a creative outlet and a way to express my enthusiasm for all things food-related. Artichoke Heart has given me all that and more in a year filled with ups and downs, so I am going to continue blogging, for as long as I have ideas.

In the coming months you can expect more recipe testing and pasta making, as well as whatever new food adventures come my way. I’m sure there will be more love for Jamie Oliver. And more Jim! (That’s him up there, mixing the pasta dough.) Oh, I also want to challenge myself more and add some personal profiles to the mix. I just need to summon the courage to actually speak to some of my favorite shopkeepers in the neighborhood. I hope you’ll stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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  1. 1

    JKenny said,

    Yippiee! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. I look forward to enjoying your posts for years to come.

  2. 2

    ann said,

    Congratulations!! I can’t wait for another year of the ‘choke. And speaking of carcofi… We’re back from Italy. I didn’t get a chance to put any of your suggestions for Florence into play, because, like a dumbass, I forgot to print them out… Doh! But I did see Borgo Antico and thought about going there, but it was really crowded, so we settled on a trattoria near our hotel and were quite happy. I supped on three courses of carcofi. I was very happy! So thanks again for your recommendations. I’ll keep them for next time 😉

  3. 3

    Christina said,

    Welcome back, Ann! I look forward to reading about your Italian adventures! I’m sure you had some great meals–it’s hard to go wrong in Italy!

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