Smitten Kitchen’s Spring Panzanella

Like almost everyone else I know, I am ready for spring. The past few weeks have been so grey and dreary, with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds for just a moment before ducking back behind them again. For whatever reason, spring is not ready to be sprung.

But on this past cold and sleepy Sunday, spring did enter my home for a little while, in the form of Smitten Kitchen’s Spring Panzanella. I had seen the colorful photograph and recipe on their website at the end of last week, and I just knew that I had to make this salad, as soon as possible.

Smitten Kitchen\'s Spring Panzanella

The mixture of asparagus, tangy leeks, white beans, and crispy toasted bits of leftover bread, combined with champagne vinegar, red onion, olive oil, and a bit of Dijon mustard simply proclaimed spring with every bite. The flavors were clean, fresh, and alive, providing me with a burst of positive energy during a day of lethargy. Jim is already looking forward to the next time I prepare it. I need to do a better job cutting the leeks though; I left them a little too thick this time around.

On Monday morning I proceeded to send this recipe to 3 of my friends. I needed to spread the news to my fellow cooks that spring had finally arrived, at least in the form of a recipe. It’s all we’ve got until the sun comes out.


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