A Pause

I apologize for the sudden pause in posting last week. I can’t say much about it except that real life has once again gotten in the way of my food-related thoughts and blogging. This time it crept up on me out of the blue. It could be the weird weather shifts—Will it ever stop raining?—or just a recent turn inward that has kept me from updating Artichoke Heart. Maybe it’s just a two-year itch. I can’t believe it, but mid-March marked the second anniversary of my little blog. Perhaps after two years I don’t have much left to say.


In any case I’m hoping to get back in the groove soon. Yesterday I treated myself to David Tanis’s beautiful cookbook, A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes, and I think it will provide me with the inspiration I’ve been lacking. I’ve heard about this book by one of Chez Panisse’s head chefs for the past few months, but a stroll through Williams-Sonoma gave me my first opportunity to thumb through it. Page after page of elegant photographs and seasonal, family-style recipes called to me, and I bought it. Now I just have to decide what to make first: spinach cake with herb salad or lobster risotto? I’ll let you know.


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