Artichoke Heart Hits It Big…But No One Knows It

Wednesday morning started like any other day. I arrived at work, struggling to balance my massive purse with my leaking cups of coffee and steel-cut oats. I settled into my desk, turned to my computer screen, and opened my RSS reader so that I could catch up on my favorite food blogs while eating breakfast.

I clicked on this New York Daily News link about five New York City Greenmarkets set to open this weekend. Oh good, I thought. Maybe the Carroll Gardens one will start soon. I can’t wait. I scrolled through the list, and there it was, right at the bottom: The Carroll Gardens Greenmarket would indeed begin this weekend.

But as I took a closer look at the short paragraph about the market, my eyes widened. Déjà vu. The blurb talked about how the market had recently expanded. Hmm. I once wrote about how the market had recently expanded. The article also mentioned several very familiar details: 

  1. A chocolate croissant from Amy’s Bread
  2. Spicy Angus sausages from Grazin’ Angus Acres
  3. Pasture-raised eggs
  4. The occasional local honey stand

Double hmm. It read suspiciously like my post about the Carroll Gardens Farmers’ market that I wrote back in November. As I pulled up my post and compared the two links, I had little personal doubt. The specific details listed above mirrored my market experience and were even presented in the same order that I had written them. Even more interesting, the Daily News offered little additional information besides these familiar observations.

There seem to be two camps on this: Some people say I should be flattered, while others insist that I should be upset. I am just unsure and confused. Readers, what do you think?


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  1. 1

    Oooh, weird. I remember your post, and saw the Daily News article too. I thought it was strange that the “newly expanded” didn’t mention anything really new, like the DiPaolo Turkey Farm people. Hmmm, I would be upset. Not sure what you can do though. Email the writer of the article and mention your concern? They’ll probably chalk it up to coincidence, but at least you spoke up. It’s like the 5th season of the Wire at the newspaper! (If you haven’t seen it, you really should).

  2. 2

    JKenny said,

    I see both reasons to feel flattered as well as upset. However, it’s also a matter of integrity and it seems the Daily News has none.

  3. 3

    Michele said,

    I would only be flattered if they gave you credit for your article! That’s ridiculous. I would make a HUGE stink if it were me!

  4. 4

    Christina said,

    EIB-Thanks for your support! And I’ve heard a lot about The Wire, but I’ve never seen it…I’ll have to check it out.

    JKenny-Thanks for getting to the heart of the matter about the DN! Integrity, Schmegrity. Grrr.

    Michele-Thanks for the support! I would have appreciated a link to my original post; is that so hard?

  5. 5

    JRipper said,

    I say sue!!!

  6. 7

    Christina said,

    Thanks for the advice, guys! I appreciate the righteous anger.

  7. 8

    The Daily News once interviewed me for an article then made up all the quotes. They are not known for their “attention to detail.”

  8. 9

    Christina said,

    Wow, they really don’t have any integrity. I had no idea!

  9. 10

    Heather said,

    It sounds like the writer totally plagiarized off your post. I’m not sure what protections you have legally since some laws have yet to catch up to the reality of online media, but at the very least, log your complaint with the Daily News ombudsman and editorial desk. They need to know their food writer – or food intern, as the case may be – wasn’t doing their work. It’s likely too small an article to merit a retraction, but the writer may face consequences as a result of his/her lack of journalistic integrity and ethics, so it’s worth letting them know.

  10. 11

    Heather said,

    Ah, just looked at the article. It didn’t even have a byline, so it’s probably put together by an intern or editor. Definitely no retraction will be given, but lodge a complaint.

    • 12

      Christina said,

      Thanks for the insight, Heather! I have no idea how the papers work, so I appreciate your feefback. I should probably log a complaint, but at this point I am dragging my feet. Maybe this will inspire me!

  11. 13

    Nicki Goldstein said,

    Did you wind up writing to them? Did they respond? Enquiring minds want to know…

  12. 16

    Christina said,

    Ok, people, you’ve convinced me. I am composing an email to the Daily News. Thanks for the support and encouragement, and stay tuned.

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