OK, readers, I need some help. What am I supposed to do with this massive can of artichokes that Jim brought home for me as a surprise? I don’t know if you can get a sense of its size from the photo, but there are at least 4 cans worth of artichokes and their stems in there.

What do you think? Risotto? Pasta? Can I freeze any leftovers once they are taken out of the can? How long do canned goods last? (I know this can has been around for a while, but there isn’t an expiration date on it, and I am a little nervous about it.) Normally I’d rather cook with fresh produce, but come on, people, we can’t let all these artichokes go to waste!

Also, I need to get this can off my kitchen counter. It is taking up way too much space. Help me, please.


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    JKenny said,

    Make a dinner party game of it. Divide among a few friends and have an artichoke challenge.

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    I came across some good recipes with artichokes that you can view here. My favorite is the Italian Stuffed Artichokes recipe. Also if you wouldn’t mind I’d love to direct Foodista readers to your blog. Just add your choice of widget to this post and you’re all set!

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    myx said,

    Hello, i’m enjoying your blog. I saw this picture of canned artichokes. I was wondering what you did with the paper wrapping? where can I get one, I love the design.


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      Christina said,

      Hi Michael–Embarrassingly enough, I still haven’t used that can of artichokes; I am very intimidated by it, although I still need to get it off my counter. I haven’t encountered this brand in the supermarket, so I’m sorry I can’t tell you where to get it. Maybe look in some Italian-specialty stores? Good luck! And thanks for exploring and enjoying the blog!

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